Company Activities
We are specialized trading company in supply of precision optical components and instruments including Intravital Microscopes, Lenses, Prisms, Microscope Objectives, Eyepieces, and so on.
Besides, Export Agencies for the domestic optical lens manufacturers.

Main Destinations
USA, England, Switzerland, Germany, Israel, Korea

Company profile

Company name:
Meridian Trade, Inc.
June 2001
Paid-in capital:
Hiroshi Hara, President
1-1006, Tsutsujigaoka 3-2,
Akishima-City, Tokyo 196-0012, Japan

Products information

■“Touch Scope” (New Products)
“Touch Scope”-manufactured by Krea Seiko Co., Ltd. in Tokyo, Japan- is a newly developed Intravital Microscopic System which the lens head can be touched to the objects like the dissected tissues and so on, and the magnified sharp image is obtainable on the monitor screen very brightly by using our unique illuminating system.
“Touching-Observation”, however, the observation is not only for the outer layer, but you can see the in vivo, internal condition of the object through a small opening incised slightly by inserting the lens head directly there.
This optical device was developed as “Intravital Microscope” for precise observation of the erythrocyte movement in glomerulus of the renal micro-circulation and cortical blood capillary for small animals, and it is now expected to use for the cytodiagnosis of other living internal organs, and for other Bio/Medical uses as well.
This unique illuminating system is patented.
Model #03-1: 600X in magnification   (Standard type with X-Y carriage)
Model #03-1/H: 300X in magnification (Standard type with X-Y carriage)
Model #03-1/M: 150X in magnification(Standard type with X-Y carriage)

■Microscope Objectives and Eyepieces
For Biological, Metallurgical, Polarizing, Phase Microscopes.
Objectives: Complete series from Achromatic type to Plan LWD Apochromatic type.
Eyepieces: Wide-Field, High-Eyepoint, Compensating type, Zoom type etc.

■Eyepiece Graticules
Crossed-XY scales, Concentric circles, Squared and Stage micrometers etc.

■Acrylic Fresnel Lenses
For standard OHP use, and linear Fresnel lenses.

■Glass Aspherical lenses
We supply polished type glass aspherical lenses. (BK-7, FDS-90, SiO2, etc)

■Custom Optics
We produce precise custom optics in compliance with your drawings or specifications.
Lenses: PCX, PCV, DCX, DCV, Meniscus, Achromatic lenses.
Prisms: Right-angle prisms, Dispersing prisms, Amici-Roof prisms, etc.

Meridian Trade,Inc.